Feminine Power 

Grandmas’ Bikini


Fiction | 

Young Adult(13-18)

#grandma #bikini #breast cancer #life searching #searching life #journey

Four grandmas went missing all together? When grandma A-Ju found out she had breast cancer, the news shocked them. Therefore, they decided to step on a journey to search for their own lives together. Stop living only for their families, and take control of their lives.

Author: Su-Hua Peng

Illustrator: Chia-Chi Yu

Publisher: Little Soldier Publishing Company Ltd.

240 pages | 14.8 × 21cm

ISBN: 9789579047869

Rights Sold: Korean

Award: 2022 TAICCA Recommended Books From Taiwan; 2021Recommended by Taipei Public Library Good Books for Everyone(The Best Children’s Book Of The Year); Recommended by The City of Taipei’s Excellent Reading Media for Children; 81th Recommended by Taipei Public Library Good Books for Everyone