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Knife Turns to Scrap, Love Turns to Hatred-Malay Pantun

以前巴冷刀 現在廢鐵爛——馬來班頓

Fiction | 

All Ages

This book features 37 Malay pantuns along with accompanying images and a detailed introduction to the pantun art form covering topics such as “What is pantun?”, “Variability in pantuns”, “Themes and topics of pantuns”, “Rhyming changes in pantuns”, and “Pantun berkait”. It opens a window on Malay fantasy traditions and folk character as well as on the cultural imaginings of Austronesian cultures in general. More than a translation of poems, this book is an important work of cultural translation.

Author: maniniwei

Publisher: Zebra Crossing Taiwan

64 pages | 25 × 35cm

ISBN: 9789869921008

Award: 2021Golden Tripod Award