Animo Chen 

“One day, I mistook a dab of paint for a piece of chocolate and devoured it up. Much to my surprise, I found it tasted heavenly. Naturally, I gobbled more down every day, coating my stomach in layer upon layer of pigment until I threw up a mess resembling a cast of my own innards. The intestines, the stomach, the heart – they were ever so beautiful. I’d truly cultivated myself from the inside out.”


Animo has a degree in Visual Communication Design from Da-Yeh University in Taiwan and an MA from the Fine Arts Department, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Czech Republic. His work is as diverse as it is prolific. With experience as a still photographer, TV and film art director, animation director, and a professional illustrator, Animo excels at cerebral imagery and piercing prose, and his work is often featured in periodicals and on book covers. He was also featured in the Illustrators Exhibition at the 2019 Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

Published at the tail end of 2019, The Short Elegy is the first-ever exclusive collection of comics by Animo, representing the essence of over three years of intense creative energy. This collection of 3 short stories is the winner of the 2020 BolognaRagazzi Award for Comics – Young Adult. The jury said: “Chen’s wordless, sequential images are the visual equivalent of poems.”

At the end of 2020, Animo Chen served up another astounding visual feast – the Taiwanese-language illustrated poem Love Letter. Love Letter is a beautifully illustrated poem, but it could also be seen as an art book illuminated by text. This beautiful book won another BolognaRagazzi Award of Special Mention for Animo in the 2021 Special Category – Poetry. “Each poem is accompanied by an evocative and striking illustration which does not simply reflect the text but encourages the reader to think and wonder,” the jury said. “The quality of the art work almost takes your breath away.”

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 Love Letter awarded Golden Tripod Awards: Best Illustration, Taiwan Literature Awards, and Special Mention of BolognaRagazzi Award: Special Category POETRY.


The Short Elegy awarded Golden Tripod Awards: Best Children and YA Books, and the WINNER of BolognaRagazzi Award: COMICS – YOUNG ADULT.


The Short Elegy awarded the OpenBook Award for Outstanding Work in the Chinese Language

Selected for inclusion in the Bologna Children’s Book Fair Illustrators Exhibition, Italy


Bus 366 won first place and NT$1 million cash prize at World-Class Animation Prototype Awards held by ROC Industrial Development Bureau; won Special Jury Award for Web Animation in Changzhou, China; nominated for best animated short film at Taipei Film Festival

“Swanky Boy” awarded “Best Illustration of the Year” by Eslite Bookstore

“Footloose 366” awarded “Best Illustrated Book of the Year” by Eslite Bookstore


We Don’t Have a Future Together nominated for Best Art Director, 2004 Golden Bell Awards

Love Letter



#Confess #Printing #Type printing #Tree #Book #Protolanguage

Love Letter is an illustrated poem with the Taiwanese-language. The first three landscapes of the book actually connect to form a panorama with forests, log ponds, railroad tracks for transporting logs, paper mills, and old printing presses. This Love Letter is a confession of love to the author’s mother language, to trees, to books, to the entire process of book-making.

Publisher: Locus Publishing Company
60 pages | 21 x 28 cm
ISBN: 978-986-554-916-9
Rights Contact: [email protected]

Bologna Illustrators Exhibition 2019: the illustrators selected; BolognaRagazzi Awards 2021 special mention in the category of poetry

Rights Sold: Spanish

The Short Elegy



An elegy is a song or poem lamenting the deceased. In each loss there is a gain, just as in every gain there is a loss. This adage is underscored in each of The Short Elegy’s three short stories—“Dry River”, “House Mosquito”, and “The Ribbon”—each of which offers fleeting glimpses of death.

Publisher: Locus Publishing Company
304 pages | 17 x 23 cm
ISBN: 978-986-540-622-6
Rights Contact: [email protected]

Winner of the 2020 BolognaRagazzi Award for the Comics Young Adult category; 44th of The Golden Tripod Award; Children’s and Young Adult Book Awards

Rights Sold: Spanish

SOUP DU JOUR — Animo Chen Postcard Book



Contains 28 postcards of Animo Chen’s early work.

Publisher: Locus Publishing Company
28 pages | 12.8 x 17.8 cm
ISBN: 978-986-540-620-2
Rights Contact: [email protected]