Guji Guji


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Early Readers(3-6)

#self-awareness #accepting differences #family #love #crocodile #duck

Guji Guji was born a crocodile but raised by a family of ducks. He has always seen himself as a duck, until one day he meets some crocodiles, who try to talk him into helping them trap and eat his family. Feeling confused about his true identity, what will Guji Guji do?

Author: Chih-Yuan Chen

Illustrator: Chih-Yuan Chen

Publisher: Hsin Yi Publications

48 pages | 24.5 × 30cm

ISBN: 9789861616650

Rights Contact: [email protected]

Rights Sold: 16 languages including Korean, Japanese, Thai, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Slovenian, Swedish, Italian, Simplified Chinese

Award: A New York Times Best-selling Children's Book; CNN's Recommendation: the Best Christmas Gift Book; Highly respected by the USA's NPR; Sweden's Peter Pan Prize