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Prof. Lung Yingtai

Prof. Lung Yingtai is one of Taiwan’s most renowned essayist and cultural critics, whose writing significantly contributed to Taiwan’s democratization. She taught at the University of Hong Kong and Heidelberg University and served as Taiwan’s first minister of culture from 2012 till 2014. With more than 30 published works she is considered the most well-known author in the Chinese speaking world.

Photo Credit: ⒸSun Bai-yi

Wild Fire



#Essays #Socio-political criticism #Taiwan democracy

Taiwan during the early 1980s was still under Marshal Law. The forces of taboo and liberation intertwined with each other, forming a wild surge in the historical trajectory. The author engaged in societal reform through the power of words, scrutinizing the absurdity in everyday life. Issues such as environmental pollution, coercion in education, control of thought and curtailment of freedom of speech… The author boldly promotes independent thinking, civil consciousness and courage to act. This collection of essays had an immediate influence so great that it was then called a “Wild Fire Phenomenon,” symbolizing one important milestone of the democratic movement of Taiwan.

Publisher: China Times Publishing Co.
312 pages | 17 × 23 cm
ISBN: 9786263533264
Rights Contact: [email protected]

  • Originally published in 1985, it achieved a remarkable record in Taiwanese publishing history with 24 reprints in 21 days and over 100,000 copies sold within 4 months – a publishing miracle.
  • In 1986, it made its debut in Hong Kong and immediately sold thousands of copies upon release.
  • In 1988, a simplified Chinese edition was published with an initial print run of over 60,000 copies.
  • For several decades, it has maintained consistent reprints, making it one of the most widely influential reading classics in the Chinese-speaking world.

Parting Gaze



#Essays #Family Bonds #thoughts on the meaning of separation #love and death

With the most sincere and moving language, the author shares her most profound contemplations on life. From holding the tiny hand of a child filled with affectionate family bonds, to the fading silhouette of the child as youth progresses; from accompanying her elderly mother as a daughter, reflecting on her own irretrievable presence in her parents’ eyes, the author is at her best illuminating on the essence of life.

Publisher: China Times Publishing Co.
360 pages | 17 × 23 cm
ISBN: 9786263354050
Rights Contact: [email protected]

  • Rights Sold: Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese(In progress)
  • Included in the top 10 best books of the year by Asia Weekly in 2008
  • Selected as one of the top 10 best books and voted as the readers’ favorite in 2008 by Malaysia’s Sin Chew Daily
  • Ranked as the best-selling Chinese book in North America on the Los Angeles World Journal’s book sales chart in 2008
  • Ranked first on Eslite’s annual bestseller list in the literature category in 2008

My Dear Andreas



#Exchange of letters #Mother and Son #cross-generation communication

A correspondence between a mother and her eighteen-year-old son. As their communication drifts apart, the mother, in an effort to reconnect with her adult son, begins writing letters. Over three years and 36 letters, they openly discuss their mutual misunderstanding, engaging in debates reflecting generational and East-West cultural differences. These letters document their journey to reestablish their connection, offering insights into the clash of two generations and the impact of Eastern and Western cultures on their thoughts.

Publisher: China Times Publishing Co.
312 pages | 17 × 23 cm
ISBN: 9786263353893
Rights Contact: [email protected]

  • Rights Sold: Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese(In progress)
  • Included in the top 10 best books of the year by Asia Weekly in 2007
  • Recipient of the Hong Kong Book Prize in 2007
  • Winner of the National Library Wenjin Book Award in China in 2009

Big River, Big Sea: Untold Stories of 1949



#Modern History #Chinese Civil War #1949 #Cruelty of War #Contemporary History of Taiwan #Refugees of Civil War #the Taiwan miracle #Oral History of War refugees #Changchun Siege

The 1949 Chinese Civil War, spanning two decades, resulted in around 30 million casualties and
enduring suffering. Memories of this conflict were distorted and concealed over time.
Lung conducted extensive interviews across greater China, revealing the collective pain of winners and losers. Her work provides a compassionate human perspective on this historical chapter.

Publisher: China Times Publishing Co.
440 pages | 17 × 23 cm
ISBN: 9786263355644
Rights Contact: [email protected]

  • Rights Sold: Japanese, Polish, French(In progress), Ukrainian(In progress),
  • Banned in China since publication in 2009; estimated 20 million pirated copies on the market.

She Walks the Kavulungan Mountains



#Novel #Crime novel #Philosophical journey of searching of meaning #Literature for Young Adult #Nature Writing #Taiwan Flora #Fauna

It’s nature writing. The author depicts the fauna and flora of her native Taiwan with the precision of an anthropologist and the elegance of a poet. It is also a crime story, where a 40-year-old cold case comes to the foreground. The ghost of a 14-year-old school girl appeared and became bonded with the narrator, who happens to be on the search for the meaning of her existence. This is also a fine literary piece for the young adult. Together with the tender ghost, the narrator explores with a childlike delight the world of nature, history and the immense realm of the meaning of life.

Publisher: China Times Publishing Co.
424 pages | 14.8 × 21 cm
ISBN: 9786263357938
Rights Contact: [email protected]

  • Rights Sold: German
  • Adapted into a musical theater, performed on stage with the National Symphony Orchestra, on October 8, 2022
  • Best Novel of the Bi-annual Hong Kong Award, 2023
  • Ranked eighth on Eslite Bookstore’s annual bestseller list in 2020