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#2021 Taiwan Literature Award Winners

Taiwan Literature Awards opens for an incredible variety of books enthusiastically to enter the competition. Through them, we truly sense that the borders of literature are gradually becoming more open. Taiwan Literature Awards for Books indeed aim to promote literary writing that is commercially affirmed, we ultimately believe that the market for literature is not constrained because a great or innovative literary work is a world of incredible depth and imagination unto itself. We also hope that literature does not remain confined to the page and will sustain our efforts to increase its visibility so that these stories can be combined with other modes of artistic expression and shared worldwide.

Peak: 2021 Taiwan Literature Awards Winners covers in-depth introduction of 2021 TLA winning titles, including judge commentary and English excerpts.

Author: Chung Wen-Yin, Egoyan Zheng, Huang Chong-Kai, Hsu Chen-Fu, Chang Hsiao-hung, Ping Lu, Hung Ai-Chu, Apyang Imiq, Chen Tsung-Hui, Lo Chih-Cheng

Publisher: National Museum of Taiwan Literature

123 pages | 17.5 × 25cm