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No Secrets Between Us


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#Thriller #Me Too

People in this town has their own secrets,
Whereas there’s no secret between the two of us.
It’s because I always know why he did that to me…
Fan Yanchong has been thinking that there isn’t any secret between him and his wife, Wu Xiping. His wife is missing suddenly.
Fan Yanchong undergoes the investigation, starting from her office. Things become more puzzling when he investigates – His wife’s mother, whom Wu Xiping said has died, appears. She tells him that something has happened to his wife.
All clues point to the noble family in town – the Songs, Song Huaigu and Song Huaiwuan. The latter and Wu Xiping’s were besties in senior high school. The former, outstanding and handsome, was the most popular student in their school.
Wu Xiping is a quiet and humble woman. She’s the second wife of Fan Yanchong. He doesn’t like his wife asks about his past; she doesn’t like he asks hers, either. Mr. Fan feels that his marriage makes him feel comfortable and “matched.” – It occurred to him that his ex-wife has said that, because of you, every woman in a relationship with you would go crazy.
Where would Wu Xiping go? Where else would she go?

Author: Xiao-Le Wu

Illustrator: Jupee CHENG

Publisher: MirrorFiction Inc.

368 pages | 14.8 × 21.0cm

ISBN: 9789869886857

Rights Contact: [email protected]

Rights Sold: Simplified Chinese, Korean