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Liglav A-wu

A Taiwanese belongs to both the Paiwan tribe and the second generation of Mainland Chinese immigrants. For decades, she has been stumbling on identity-building, and she has captured her experiences in several collections of essays. She has also been involved in cultural preservation movements related to indigenous cultures.

The Forgotten Children



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This book is a compilation of Liglav A-wu’s essays, featuring both classic and recent works. Centered around maternal identity, the collection, which represents an extensive reflection and contemplation on Taiwan’s colonial history, ethnicities, and patriarchy, starts with personal experiences, unravels family and tribal histories, centers female involvement within the tribe, and confronts the pains of life and aging.

Publisher: Avanguard Publishing House
304 pages | 15 × 21 cm
ISBN: 9789578017863
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Liglav A-wu recalls running away from home when she was very young. Along the way, she stops, remembering the legends her grandma told her, and falls asleep on the side of the road. In the end, A-wu returns home, and her grandma attributes her safety to the ancestors’ protection.

Author: Liglav A-wu
Illustrator: A-duan
Publisher: Yuan-Liou Publishing Co., Ltd.
39 pages | 23.8 × 25 cm
ISBN: 9789573249122
Rights Contact: [email protected]

The Beautiful Clothes I've Woven



This prose collection presents short articles, written by Liglav A-wu between 1994 and 1996 and previously published in newspapers and magazines. Volume One, “Indigenous Mothers,” depicts the various challenges faced by Indigenous women and their resilience, exhibited in the face of a hegemonic culture, as they straddle tradition and modernity. After returning to her tribe from a period of absence, Liglav A-wu records her experiences working in Indigenous movements and shares with readers her astute observations of the broader social environment.

Publisher: Morning Star Publishing Inc.
240 pages | 14.8 × 21 cm
ISBN: 9575835387
Rights Contact: [email protected]

VuVu, the One Whose Mouth is Always Red



This book is a collection of notes from the author’s early explorations of the countryside. She maintains a deep concern for marginalized ethnic groups and a dedication to working on behalf of her fellow tribespeople around the world. The author speaks to her inner self, engages with her linguistic heritage, converses with her peers, and protests against authoritarianism. Ultimately, she traces tribal memories of yesteryear, offering a critique of today’s societal changes and a contemplation on past destinies.

Publisher: Morning Star Publishing Inc.
224 pages | 14.8 × 21 cm
ISBN: 9575835727
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In a collection that engages with multiple disadvantaged identities, Mulidan writes about the resilience of Indigenous women, the innocence of tribal children, and the leisurely sentiment of mountain life.

Publisher: Fembooks Publishing House
260 pages | 14.8 × 21 cm
ISBN: 9578233000