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Pam Pam Liu

Pam Pam Liu is a comics author who excels at transforming the darkness, hatred, and failures of life into whimsical comics. She also creates completely realistic works that explore social and relationship issues. The most prominent style in her works is the dark humor that simultaneously makes people laugh and shiver.

Open Eyes, Open Mind!



#Parenting #Sociology #Family #School #Child

You might think you are close to a person, but do you really know them? Xiao-guai, an elementary school student, is racking her brains over her art assignment: “Getting to know someone.” But what does that mean? Is it knowing their name, birthday, or social media accounts? Some people will forever remain familiar strangers, even though they see each other every day.

Author: Pam Pam Liu, Pei-Chia Lan
Publisher: Dyna Books, Co., Ltd.
196 pages | 14.8 × 21 cm
ISBN: 9786267059630
Rights Contact: [email protected]

A Trip to Asylum



What is life like inside a modern residential psychiatric facility? Pam Pam Liu’s graphic novel, A Trip to the Asylum, peels away the stereotypes to reveal the inner lives of psychiatric patients and the painful realities each person grapples with while undergoing in-patient treatment.

Publisher: Slowork Publishing
336 pages | 17 × 23 cm
ISBN: 9789869857376
Rights Contact: [email protected]

  • Rights Sold: French
  • 2021 Golden Comic Awards
  • 2021 TIBE Book Prize

Good Friend, Cancer



Pam Pam Liu’s diary of a family member with cancer reveals the complex emotions between mother and daughter. The work resonates strongly in Taiwan, where more than 80,000 people suffer from cancer every year.

Publisher: Slowork Publishing
184 pages | 15 × 15 cm
ISBN: 9789869509053
Rights Contact: [email protected]

Super Supermarket

Super Supermarket


When socializing, walks in the park, and shopping become things of the past, this book—a typical Pam-Pam-style black comedy with a blend of laughter and the absurd—raises questions about finding a way out.

Publisher: Slowork Publishing
128 pages | 15 × 21 cm
ISBN: 9789860697377
Rights Contact: [email protected]

You and Me and the Black Doomsday

Toi et moi le jour de la grande catastrophe


This is a story about a doll, who wishes to transform into a woman; a disposable man, who hopes to avoid ending up in the trash; and a mannequin, who is uncertain about his own identity. Within its contagious dark humor, the story conceals a heartfelt portrayal of relationships.

Publisher: Editions IMHO
200 pages | 14.8 × 21 cm
ISBN: 9782364810174